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The Role of Parental Social Class in the Transition to Adulthood: A Sequence Analysis Approach in Italy and the United States

Working Paper No: 59

Author(s): Maria Sironi, Nicola Barban, Roberto Impicciatore

Year: 2013

Policy perspectives of grandparenting in Europe

Working Paper No: 51

Author(s): Valeria Bordone, Bruno Arpino, Arnstein Aassve

Year: 2012

Youth Vulnerability in Europe during the Great Recession

Working Paper No: 57

Author(s): Arnstein Aassve, Elena Cottini, Agnese Vitali

Year: 2013

Friend and peer effects on entry into marriage and parenthood: A multiprocess approach

Working Paper No: 56

Author(s): Nicoletta Balbo, Nicola Barban, Melinda Mills

Year: 2013

Trust and fertility dynamics

Working Paper No: 55

Author(s): Arnstein Aassve, Francesco Billari, Léa Pessin

Year: 2012

The Economic Costs of Organized Crime: Evidence from Southern Italy

Working Paper No: 54

Author(s): Paolo Pinotti

Year: 2012

Trust, Firm Organization and the Structure of Production

Working Paper No: 53

Author(s): Federico Cingano, Paolo Pinotti

Year: 2012

Legal status and the criminal activity of immigrants

Working Paper No: 52

Author(s): Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Paolo Pinotti

Year: 2012

Using panel data to partially identify HIV prevalence when HIV status is not missing at random

Working Paper No: 48

Author(s): Bruno Arpino, Elisabetta De Cao, Franco Peracchi,

Year: 2011

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