Seminar Series

| University of Gothenburg

| 20/09/2021 h.12.45

Autocratization Accelerates: Trends for Democracy and Autocracy in a Covid-19 World

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Professor Lindberg presents the latest analyses of trends for democracy and autocracy in the world, based on V-Dem data. He details the characteristics and common denominators of autocratization across the world and drawing on the new V-Party data presents evidence for identifiers of parties and leaders who derail democracy if and when they come into power. Finally, Professor Lindberg provides a window into the latest set of findings from across a series of fields in “the Case for Democracy” – democracy’s dividends for outcomes such as health, development, social protection, climate change mitigation, and security.




Staffan I. Lindberg holds a PhD (2005) from Lund University, Sweden. His dissertation won the American Political Science Association's Juan Linz Award for best dissertation 2005. He was assistant professor at Kent State University (2005-2006), assistant/associate professor at University of Florida (2006-2013), and has been with University of Gothenburg since 2010, full professor since 2013. Lindberg's main current occupation is as Director of the V-Dem Institute at University of Gothenburg and one of four Principal Investigators for Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem).